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Elixir - Hair Oils for All

Hair oil goes a long way in nourishing and protecting your hair. All you need to do is pick the right oil that suits your beautiful hair.

Fine Hair

Our fine-haired friends sometimes think they can’t use oil for fear of greasiness and extra weight.


But they shouldn’t have to miss out on the high-impact shine, frizz control and heat protection that a hair oil offers.
The key is to go light, and the Elixir Ultime bi-phase oil has a perfect water-to-oil ratio.
Shake it well, spray a few times on your hairbrush (not directly on the hair) and spread it only through the lengths of dry hair (never the roots). Bonus: This technique works wonders against static.

Curly Hair

Kerastase Products For Curly And Frizzy Hair

Since curls tend to look dry and frizz easily, oils really tame and define the locks, leaving them shiny and healthy. To define curls, apply one pump of oil into the hands and apply on one strand at a time.

Twist it through the curls and all the way into the ends. If you’re having a particularly frizzy day, apply one pump to hands and comb through with the fingers, focusing on the frizzier zones. Goodbye, dryness.

Heat-Addicted Hair

For those who have a close relationship with blow dryers and other hot tools, hair oil is absolutely essential. Use it as a pre-styling primer for heat protection and faster blowdry time. Apply 1-3 pumps, depending on length, to towel-dried hair and evenly distribute. After styling, you can swipe a bit of oil on dry hair as a finishing touch for shine and fragrance.


Second-Day Hair

Kerastase - elixir - ultime - lhuile - Originale - Hair Oil For Shiny Hair

Elixir Ultime Original Oil

The ideal refresher for days when you choose to not wash your hair. Perhaps you don’t have time, or your hair gets dry if you wash it too much. Or maybe you prefer that out-of-bed look. If the roots aren’t dirty, there’s no need to wash or wet the hair. Simply add a quick pump or spray of oil to reshape and redefine hair, while also leaving them shiny, nourished with a refreshed fragrance.

Color-Treated Hair

Two to three weeks after color, shine and luminosity can begin to fade from the hair. This is where Elixir Ultime L'Huile Rose really shows its brilliance. Applying a pump of oil to color-treated hair, wet or dry, brings nourishing shine back to the hair, making it as glossy and gorgeous as it was the day you visited the salon.

Kerastase - elixir - ultime - lhuile - rose Hair Oil For Coloured Hair

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