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Build Your Perfect Haircare Routine!

Your hair has its own mind and concerns! And resolving them requires a tailored evaluation. Cue the Kérastase online diagnosis tool which takes you a step closer to your hair goals and helps to find the right customised hair products for yourself in a matter of minutes.

The Secret To Beautiful, Happy Hair!

Kérastase Hair Quiz

Kérastase online hair quiz is a sophisticated diagnostic tool. It’s a hassle-free way to find the ultimate custom hair care routine - all
in just a matter of just two minutes! In an easy process, this tool takes notes about your hair concerns, texture, condition and lifestyle.
Upon evaluation, it charts & curates a personalised hair care routine that helps you get happy, healthy, glamorous-looking hair.
You can even shop our recommendations instantly.


A Custom Diagnosis is
the Secret to Beautiful Hair

Since 1964, Kérastase has applied the powerful principle of proper diagnosis to luxury hair care. The approach was a game changer then, and it remains a crucial part of our hair methodology. In fact, we believe hair evaluation is even more relevant in the modern world. Our fast-paced lives and varied environments bring constant changes to the hair. The only way to keep up is to check in regularly and tune in to what the hair needs.

Kérastase Hair Quiz

Kérastase Hair Quiz

Hair Stylist Recommendations For The Win!

Ever wondered, how your hair stylist helps you get runway-ready hair every time? The answer is a quick hair diagnosis! Upon evaluation, they use their expertise to find out which different types of hair treatment would resolve your specific hair concerns. That’s why you feel so great walking out of the salon. You not only look beautiful instantly, you’ve now got a game plan for how you’re going to achieve your hair goals.

Part of the reason your stylist gets such great results is that they take the time to evaluate your hair before beginning treatment. They combine that information with their expertise to determine exactly what the hair needs at that moment and in the coming weeks. That’s why you feel so great walking out of the salon. You not only look beautiful instantly, you’ve now got a game plan for how you’re going to achieve your hair goals.

1st care for scalp

Kérastase Hair Quiz

1st care mask

Kérastase Hair Quiz

1st care serum

Kérastase Hair Quiz

1st care shampoo

Kérastase Hair Quiz

Try our online hair diagnosis for a professional experience at home

From The Hair Stylist’s Chair Into Your Hands

The new Kérastase online hair diagnosis tool helps you to know your hair through a stylist’s lens. You get professional guidance that enables you to check in with your hair concerns. This online hair diagnosis tool brings the feel of a salon at home, as it uses the same process as your stylist does in-salon. With a hassle-free and user-friendly interface, it analyses your hair in under two minutes. It captures essential information like your hair’s natural texture, current condition, lifestyle and hair care habits through a series of quick questions.

Kérastase Hair Quiz

Kérastase Hair Quiz

In just a few clicks, your screen displays a personalised hair care routine - one that is easy to follow at home. Along with this, the hair diagnosis tool recommends the best hair products, customised to your hair concerns. Sounds similar to your in-salon experience, where the hair stylist provides you with recommendations as you visit the salon, right?


Time to live your hair dreams with Kérastase

Answer a few simple questions about your hair, your lifestyle and what you’re looking for. Get product recommendations and expert tips immediately and shop products straight away.

Kérastase Hair Quiz




Kérastase Hair Quiz

Hair Care Routine

Your personalised hair care ritual

Kérastase Hair Quiz


Hair products that help you achieve your hair goals!

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The Right Routine For You

Take the online hair diagnostic to find the best hair care
and treatment mix for
your hair.

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