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Anti-Ageing Hair Care Made Easier With the
Chronologiste Routine

In a blink of an eye, life moves forward. But a moment comes that makes you pause and
reflect on the trials and triumphs. It makes you realise that your beauty has changed.
Now, the scalp feels dry and the hair looks dull. Taking good care of older hair
becomes essential more than ever!

Rise In The Want For Anti-Ageing Hair Care Products

It’s not only middle-aged women who are concerned about the effects of ageing. Nowadays, women, aged
between 25-34, worry about how time is altering their appearance. Anti-aging haircare is as important
as anti-aging skincare. With time, your hair tends to lose its natural shine and volume. Kérastase has identified
this need and created a powerful anti-ageing hair care formula with their Chronologiste range that targets six
dimensions of ageing scalp and hair. Formulated with a combination of highly effective ingredients including
Abyssine, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, this luxurious, sensorial collection is a must-have
for renewed bounce and volume.

Bringing Youth Back

As women get older, they notice that their hair texture changes with age. There’s environmental hair damage,
which makes the hair older, dull and dry. Likewise, the need to protect hair from pollution has also increased.
On the other hand, the scalp is also displaying signs of ageing, such as dryness, sensitivity and slackness. All of this
has made the notion of taking great care of ageing scalp and hair as much as skin, stronger.

An exciting new category helping you look & feel
the best version of yourself.

Chronologiste is the finest solution for hair restoration and regeneration. By bringing
advanced technology and luxurious sensoriality together, Kérastase has
formulated an opulent hair care routine with products that answer concerns about
ageing hair and scalp.

Chronologiste Routine

Revive your older, dull and dry hair with the exceptional anti-ageing hair care routine of Chronologiste.
It brings luxurious advanced technology and a unique sensory experience. This hair restorative
treatment works for all hair types, from scalp to ends.

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