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Salon Signature Rituals

At Kérastase, we believe pampering should not be limited. We’ve designed a series of signature hair rituals which allow you to enter into a world of indulgence.

As craftsmen of hair care experiences, we’ve prolonged the beloved scalp massage, included gentle gestures to help release tension, incorporated subtle scents to transport you with eyes closed.

Based on your chosen ritual, your hair and scalp are indulged in a delicate yet thorough sequence of caring gestures, deeply treating hair from root to tip. Discover the rituals menu and find your nearest salon to book your visit.

Kérastase - K Water - Kérastase Ritual

K Water Instant Gloss Blow-Dry



A quick service including a wash and blow-dry with added shine and a light-weight feel. Hair feels instantly soft, detangled with mirror-like shine. K Water uses a combination of glycol, amino acids and caring agents that coat the hair fibre's uneven surface to create a smooth finish.

*Instrumental test, post 1 application of K Water (rinse out treatment).

Chronologiste Caviar VIP Ritual

Kerastase Rituals - Kerastase Chronologiste - Kerastase Caviar Treatment

Designed for those looking for the ultimate indulgence for their hair, Chronologiste works like a miraculous elixir to purify and revive lifeless hair. It features the signature mimetic caviar pearls that are mixed into the mask moments before applying. The scalp is regenerated and soothed, hair feels toned, strengthened and repaired, locks are silky and glowing with newfound volume.

Kerastase Rituals - Kerastase Fusio Scrub - Scalp Treatment - Fusio Scrub Ritual

Fusio Scrub Ritual

The new in-salon Fusio-Scrub Ritual features two scrubs: an energizing one designed for oily scalps and a calming one formulated for sensitive scalps. After a diagnosis your hairdresser will determine which scrub is best for you. To heighten the experience an essential oil of your choice is mixed with the scrub. While your scalp enjoys exfoliation, the essential oils fragrance awakens your senses.

Kerastase Rituals - Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste - Scalp Treatment - Fusio Scrub Ritual

Bond and Fibre Strengthener Ritual

The 1st in-salon Ritual by Kérastase for strengthening hair from root to tip. Breakthrough technology Creatine R, strengthens hair’s internal structure, seals cuticles and leaves hair in perfect condition. One salon visit results in up to 99% less breakage and 78% less split ends.*
*Instrumental test – In salon use - Bain Extentionste + Soin N°1 + Soin N°2 + Serum Therapiste Vs. non-conditioning Shampoo.

Fusio-Dose: Instant Hair Transformation


Fusio-Dose treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results. Concentrates and boosters come together at the core of a new system, a true mixology bar dedicated to personalized Fusio Dose care. A hair care beauty “shot” at the heart of the salon, for busy, demanding women, that takes only 15 minutes

Salon signature rituals fusio video
Kerastase Rituals - Advanced Scalp Treatments - Oily Scalp, Hair Density, Anti Dandruff Treatment, HairFall Prevention

Advanced Scalp Solutions

We’ve perfected our historically advanced scalp knowledge and turned it into spa-inspired salon protocols by creating this caring series designed to target 4 major scalp concerns: Hair Density, Dandruff elimination, Scalp Sensitivity Relief, Hair Loss Prevention and Oily Scalp Detoxification. Each unique concern is treated in 3 steps, including the micro-targeted application of the Kérastase scalp cures using the Micronizer to deliver unparalleled efficacy. The combination of these gentle gestures, precise applications and highly performing products through the caring hands of our expert hairdressers ensures a healthy scalp and durable results.

Hair Density Program 

A 90 day programme for clients who are looking for Visibly Denser hair. An advanced treatment enriched with Stemoxydine - a patented molecule known to stimulate hair growth. The programme is a combination of 6 In-Salon Rituals and consistent use of Home-Care products that result in Visibly Denser hair in 90 days.

Kerastase Rituals - Kerastase Densifique - Hair Density Program

Scalp Care Protocols

Anti-Dandruff program

30 days programme with a 2 months anti- relapse action that helps eliminate dry and oily dandruff flakes - Purifies the scalp - Stimulates biological scalp activity for betetr scalp quality - Hair is soft, weightless and radiant. The programme is a combination of 2 In-Salon Rituals and consistent use of Home-Care products For more details visit your nearest Kérastase Salon.

Scalp Soothing Programme

A 30 days programme that soothes Scalp discomfort such as buring, redness, itchiness and tingling - Eliminates scalp impurities - Alleviates, refreshes and moisturizes the scalp - Hair feels revitalized, light and supple. The programme is a combination of 2 In-Salon Rituals and consistent use of Home-Care products that result in Instant soothing of the scalp For more details visit your nearest Kérastase Salon.

Anti- Hair Loss Programme

A 42 Day Programme that Stops premature follicle aging - Stimulates biological scalp activity for better scalp quality - Reganerates hair's metabolism - Texturies hair for immediate volume and fullness. The programme is a combination of 3 In-Salon Rituals and consistent use of Home-Care products . Hair is Reinforced in just 1 week For more details visit your nearest Kérastase Salon.

Far more than the place to get your root touch-up or an occasional trim, book an appointment at your nearest Kérastase salon for a complimentary personalized hair diagnosis or ask your hairstylist about the signature and salon-exclusive Fusio-Dose treatment. You can also stop by anytime to browse and shop the complete Kérastase range, no appointment necessary.


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