Kerastase Fusio Scrub - Scalp Exfoliation
Fusio Scrub

Our Ultimate Scalp Exfoliation

Two Fusio Scrub formulas and three essential oil blends feature the finest ingredients for an effective, sensorial experience offering deep cleansing and exfoliation.

Take Care of your scalp

It is easy to forget that the scalp is an extension of the skin. Even though it lives right next to the expressive skin of the face. Because it is hidden, we tend to forget that the scalp and its health are the first step to lively, radiant hair. This is not to mention that the scalp is the head’s first line of defense against the outside world. Keeping it toned and fresh is a game changer in terms of overall beauty.

Just like the skin on the rest of the body, the scalp is seriously affected by any number of biological and environmental conditions. Fusio Scrub is designed to cleanse and exfoliate, freeing the scalp from deeply encrusted impurities and dead cells, revealing a fresh new surface for radiant hair to take root. The result is not only a balanced scalp that feels great, but totally revived hair with a renewed shine and bounce.

Your Personalized Treatment


After diagnosing your hair and scalp, your hairdresser will select the right Fusio Scrub for you.

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Two Scrub Formulas

Kerastase Fusio Scrub - Scrub Energisant - Sea Salt Scrub - Scalp Exfoliation For Oily Hair

Scrub Energisant

An invigorating formula, Scrub Energisant is a sea salt scrub designed for more oily scalps. Physical exfoliants deep clean the scalp and remove dead skin cells to lift the root and heighten the hair’s radiance. Combined with the freshness of florals and a clarifying aquatic fragrance, it completely reinvigorates the head.

Kerastase Fusio Scrub - Scrub Apaisant - Soothing Scrub Cleanser With Orange Peel For Scalp Exfoliation

Scrub Apaisant

Specially formulated for those with sensitive scalps, Scrub Apaisant is a calming, gel-based scrub that leaves the hair and scalp completely refreshed and detoxified, for incredible volume and shine. Its scent combines uplifting citrus zest with a dark, musky amber for a soothing effect.

Choose your Olfactory Adventure


Bespoke essential oils blended with Fusio Scrub elevates the scalp treatment to a therapeutic spa experience.


To awaken and uplift the mind.


To soothe and calm the senses.


To stimulate and energize the spirit.

Far more than the place to get your root touch-up or an occasional trim, book an appointment at your nearest Kérastase salon for a complimentary personalized hair diagnosis or ask your hairstylist about the signature and salon-exclusive Fusio-Dose treatment. You can also stop by anytime to browse and shop the complete Kérastase range, no appointment necessary.


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