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Turn Back Time With Anti-Aging Hair Care

The Chronologiste In-Salon protocol presents two
pampering, revitalizing rituals that restore the hair and
scalp to their optimal state.

The Fountain of Youth.

Prepared exclusively in Kérastase salons, Rituel D’Exception Régénérant
is the ultimate youth revitalizing concoction for hair and scalp.

Essential Revitalizing Masque + Vital Concentrate Pearls = Rituel
D’Exception Régénérant Visit your Kérastase salon for a truly indulgent
treatment that turns back time and restores the hair and scalp to its
fullest expression of health and vitality.

Only Kérastase hairdressers are armed with Rituel D’Exception
Régénérant, an exclusive instant mixture of the Essential Revitalizing
Hair Mask with a dose of Vital Concentrate Pearls.

These biomimetic caviar beads contain concentrated revitalizing
actives that add nourishing, plumping power to the lustrous creme
texture of a classic Kérastase hair mask. Prepared on the spot by the
hairdresser, the mixture is applied to the hair with a brush and left to
penetrate for 5-10 minutes.

The Chronologiste ingredient trio of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E
and abyssine works in concert to leave the hair visibly, palpably soft, plump
and shiny—an incredible youth-forward effect that rejuvenates
the scalp, hair and senses.

The Full Salon Protocol

Rituel d’Exception Régénérant combines the essential
revitalizing mask infused with Abyssine & Hyaluronic Acid
and vital concentrate pearls. Instantly transforms hair and
scalp with durable moisture, softness and shine.
A 30-minute service for total relaxation and revitalization.

Chronologiste Routine

Give your hair an exceptional and complete ritual Chronologiste combines luxurious advanced technology
and unique sensory experience. This restorative treatment sublimates
all hair types, from scalp to ends.

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