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Exploring the Causes Of Hair Fall, Reasons For Hair Loss And How To Treat It

Hair loss is a common issue with which most of us are probably very familiar. It is, in fact, a normal and healthy part of our daily life. However, it becomes a cause of concern when we notice significant shedding of hair, which can impact our overall confidence as well. If you are dealing with such a situation, you need to understand the possible causes of hair fall and how to stop and prevent it from occurring. Read our helpful guide as we discuss easy and effective hair fall treatments that you can consider if you are
dealing with hair fall or breakage.

What is Hair Loss?

It can be upsetting to find massive amounts of hair strands stuck in your hairbrush, shower drain, or pillowcase. However, hair loss is a normal part of our healthy hair renewal cycle, and it happens to everyone. We shed between 50-100 hair strands daily on average. Our hair follicles go through natural periods of growth and shedding, and each hair shaft is replaced once this cycle is complete. When we notice excessive hair loss, it's because the pace of our hair growth phase is not able to keep up with the
number of strands we're losing.

What are the causes of hair loss?

We are all unique, and so is our experience with hair loss. The daily pressure we put on our hair, such as while brushing or washing it, is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Genetics is also among the potential causes of hair loss. Genetic hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, runs in families and primarily affects the scalp. Although experiencing hair loss can be upsetting, both of its causes are treatable.

Factors that cause hair loss

Understanding your environment is the first step in learning how to stop hair loss. You can have better volume and solve this problem if you know the hair fall reasons. The main causes of hair loss are listed below.

1. Hormonal imbalance: The effects of hormonal changes on our body are often extensive and uncomfortable. Women produce a hormone called estrogen, which promotes hair growth. However, when there is a drop or change in the oestrogen levels due to reasons like birth control pills, pregnancy or childbirth, it can interrupt the growth phase of our hair cycle.

2. Stress levels: Hair loss can occur because of emotional or physical stress. Stressful events may lead the body to shut down some processes, such as hair production. Every hair follicle passes through phases of growth and rest. Stress can cause hair to transition from the growing phase into the resting phase, which ultimately leads to hair loss.

3. Vitamin and iron deficiencies: Since our hair proteins are created with the help of iron, a deficiency in it will have a significant impact on the health and cycle of your hair. Similarly, the tissues that promote healthy hair development and the length of your tresses can also get affected by a deficiency of vitamin B12 which helps your body make red blood cells.

4. Age: With age, people experience hair loss due to a decrease in the hair growth rate. This transition usually begins in our 30s. Our hair strands contract and lose pigment, resulting in fine, light-coloured hair as we grow older.

How to prevent hair loss?

Now that you know the major hair fall reasons, let’s look at how to prevent it. Preventing hair loss involves both taking care of your nutrition intake and external hair care. You can solve the majority of your hair loss problems by adopting a balanced lifestyle, stimulating your hair growth with specific nutritional intakes, and following a hair care routine religiously with hair care products that suit your hair type and concerns.

Use products that will help prevent hair loss

Any hair fall treatment will successfully prevent hair loss only when you provide your hair with the right nourishment and products that work towards restoring your hair health. Listed below are the steps and products you can consider including in your hair care routine.


For hair loss prevention, use a shampoo such as the Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Shampoo, which is packed with elements that stimulate the growth of new hair. This is an ideal shampoo for people with normal to oily hair. In addition to clarifying the scalp to get rid of oil and pollution particles, it also strengthens, hydrates, and nourishes the fibre to prevent hair loss. This gentle formula cleanses impurities and leaves your hair feeling lighter, fuller, and healthier since it contains a potent blend of Ginger Root and Edelweiss Native Cells.

If you have normal to dry hair, you can use the Kérastase shampoo for hair fall which is specifically formulated for dry hair. Genesis Bain Nutri-Fortifiant shampoo is a strengthening shampoo that is hydrating, soothing formula makes hair feel lighter, fuller, and healthier from root to tip.

Hair fall treatment

Apart from cleansing, it’s important that you use a hair fall treatment that will strengthen your roots. If you’re suffering from mild hair fall, we recommend you to use the Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Serum - This lightweight, silicone-free serum targets and re-anchors hair follicles more solidly into the scalp to minimise breakage. If you’re suffering from intense hair fall and are losing over 100 strands a day, you should try out the Genesis Ampoules Cure Anti-Chute Fortifiantes Treatment. The treatment ampoules use a unique blend of ingredients to intensely revive hair roots and fibres to minimise hair fall. Its jelly-like formula strengthens the hair follicle into the scalp during heavy hair fall. Break the ampoule and apply it to the entire scalp, section by section and massage it. Do not rinse it off and apply daily for at least 6 weeks. When used together, the Genesis Anti-Fall Range can minimizes hair loss after 6 weeks of use* .

 *Clinical study on 99 people with Serum

Now that you know what’s an ideal hair fall treatment for you, go ahead and tackle hair loss efficiently. Also, ensure that you follow a balanced diet to provide your hair with nourishing nutrients for enhanced hair and scalp health. You can also explore Kérastase’s anti-hair fall products for better results and to achieve the hair of your dreams.

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How Can I Know If My Scalp Is Healthy?

If you want an expert opinion on your scalp, head to your nearest Kérastase salon. Our in-salon teams are expertly equipped to diagnose your scalp concerns and help advise you on the best products and in-salon treatments.

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