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5 Reasons Why A Hair Mask Is A Must In Your Hair Care Routine

Our hair is the crown we never take off. Who doesn’t want good hair days all the time with beautiful, healthy and silky hair? However, it can sometimes be challenging due to constant exposure to pollution, stress, and heat styling tools. Enter: Hair Masks! Using a hair mask for that extra boost of hydration can be game changing for your hair. If you want to give your hair the kind of love, care, moisturisation and nourishment it needs (and deserves!), using a deep conditioning hair mask is non-negotiable.

So, what is a hair mask?

A hair mask is a deep conditioning, targeted treatment that nourishes and repairs the hair. When compared to ordinary conditioners, it has a thicker and more concentrated formula and is commonly used to treat concerns such as dryness, breakage, frizz, and dullness.

What does it really do?

Shampooing your hair without treating it with the right masks & after care can negatively affect the pH levels of your hair. The alkaline pH of most shampoos increases the negative electric charge of the hair and hence, causes friction between the fibres. A harsh shampoo may lead to cuticle damage and hair breakage. This is why it is extremely important to treat your hair with the right hair mask immediately after washing.

One of the biggest hair mask benefits is that it will immediately make your hair smooth, and manageable and give it a luminous shine. But, there are several other advantages of hair masks as well. Here, the experts at Kérastase have listed the top 5 masking benefits that you must be aware of.

It restores the hydration in the hair

Deep conditioning hair masks restore the hydration in your hair and lock the moisture in for a long time, which is essential for maintaining healthy and nourished hair. They contain ingredients that help to lock in moisture, prevent breakage, and promote hair growth.

Shields the hair from further damage

Masks can help to protect your hair from environmental damage such as pollution, UV rays, and heat styling. They create a protective barrier around your hair, making it less prone to damage and breakage.

Improves the texture of the hair

Regular use of hydrating hair masks can improve the texture of your hair by making it smoother, shinier, and more manageable. They can also help to reduce frizz and static, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthier.

Repairs and heals the hair

Hair masks are especially beneficial for repairing damaged, dry hair. They contain hair-loving ingredients that help to strengthen and repair hair strands, reducing breakage and split ends.

Makes detangling easier

Hair masks make your hair silky and smooth, making it easier for you to detangle your hair after washing. They contain ingredients that leave your hair more manageable and less prone to breakage.

PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid of MULTI-MASKING! If you have a sensitive scalp but oily hair, or any oily scalp with dry hair or any other combination of hair concerns that you need to cater to - you can use multiple masks in conjunction to give your hair the care it deserves.

Your search for a quality hair mask that works for YOUR hair ends here! Kérastase offers a wide range of hair masks specialised to cater to a variety of concerns, so you can say goodbyes to bad hair days. Whether you have straight hair or you are a curly-head queen, we have you covered!

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How Can I Know If My Scalp Is Healthy?

If you want an expert opinion on your scalp, head to your nearest Kérastase salon. Our in-salon teams are expertly equipped to diagnose your scalp concerns and help advise you on the best products and in-salon treatments.

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