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Wrapped Chignon

High gloss and gorgeous structure make this look an ideal way of
standing out. This is the perfect look if you are searching for extra
shine with a few elegant twists.

Step 2

Pre-dry to 80% then finish drying the hair using a round hair brush.

Step 3

Spray Laque Couture Hair Spray on the top of the head and create a low ponytail using an elastic hook.

Step 4

Soften the ponytail using a mid-sized curling iron.

Step 5

Gently tease the base of the ponytail.

Step 6

Spray V.I.P. Texturizing Spray onto the ponytail and brush it with an oval brush.

Step 7

Wrap the ponytail around its base, using two fingers to maintain the knot.

Step 8

Secure with bobby pins and spray Laque Couture Hair Spray onto the base.

Step 9

Finish off with Laque Noire Hair Spray overall for hold.

Wrapped Chignon Hairstyle Routine

Discover the products to accomplish an elegant Wrapped Chignon.
This routine is for all hair types.

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