Cure Anti-Pelliculaire treats the hair from laking, itching and redness. This cure is used with Bain Anti-pelliculaire three times a week, for 4 weeks. Read more: Get marvellous hair through a healthy scalp  



1) Helps remove oily and dry dandruffs.

2) Protects against oxidative stress.

3) Anti replase action: reduces the appearance of visible flakes up to 4 weeks after the treatment is stopped*. *Clinical study on 36 volunteers


Apply 3 times a week for 4 weeks to dry or towel-dried hair. One flacon equals one application.

Distribute onto the scalp section by section.

Massage with fingertips. Proceed with usual styling.



Octopirox 2500 PPM: Helps reduce the appearance of visible flakes of dandruff. Thanks to its purifying action, the scalp feels healthy and protected.

Rhamnose: Vegetable sugar with anti ageing properties. It stimulates the biological activity of fibroblasts, deeply involved in skin’s suppleness.

Complexe AOX: Protects from oxydative stress

THE ANTI-DANDRUFF COLLECTION Discover the innovations

The Kérastase Spécifique range was created for all specific and serious scalp concerns. The products of this collection treats scalp concerns, leaving you with a well-balanced scalp and conditioned hair.  

An in-salon expert diagnostic will identify the scalp’s needs to determine the ideal treatment. Based on this profile, an appropriate 3-step at-home programme is selected from the Spécifique range to ensure that hair is as healthy and beautiful as it can be.

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