Advanced scalp and hair concentrate for all hair types  



After 1 week
Hair quality improves visibly, shinier, healthier,revitalised hair.

After 1 month
Hairfall reduces dramatically, upto 93% less breakage. Hair grows Stronger, Fuller and Healthier.


Apply INITIALISTE directly on the scalp and gently massage with finger tips to spread the product evenly across the scalp

1) Apply 2 – 3 times a week post shampoo, on damp, towel dried hair.
2) Do not rinse off after application.


1) Native Plant Cells: cells extracted from a milenary known apple tree famous for its exceptional conservation properties

2) Gluco-Lipids: boost cellular metabolism and enable a qualitative hair growth.

3) Antioxidant Polyphenol: protects the stem cell environment against oxidative stress.

4) A new generation of Ceramides: imitate the natural ceramides of the hair and reinforce the resistance of the hair fibre.

The collection - Initialiste Discover the Initialiste programme adapted to your needs


Single ritual, Kérastase creates beauty course in three stages: bathe, treat, texturizing, with studied gestures, which sublimate the hair.

This programme in three simple actions associated with Kérastase products, begins with a specific treatment in the salon, you can then continue at home.


Discover the 3-step beauty routine

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