General term for progressive hair loss and hair thinning. The Kérastase SPECIFIQUE range offers a comprehensive programme to combat hair thinning.


The Aminexil® molecule is the result of over 10 years of research in L'Oréal Advanced Research Laboratories. A revolutionary, patented molecule, Aminexil® has proven effective in helping to reduce the rate of hair loss and improve hair density. AMINEXIL GL, within the Kerastase Specifique range, is an intensive 6 week programme. After 6 weeks, hair density is noticeably improved.

Anagen (phase)

The phase of active growth in the hair follicle. Lasts from 2 to 7 years.


Over-production and shedding of skin scales from the scalp due to the sebaceous glands overworking. Système Pur-Detox technology in the Kérastase SPECIFIQUE range counteracts dandruff, whilst soothing and nourishing the scalp. In salon, the Indulgent SCALP EXFOLIATING RITUAL will eliminate dandruff, whilst Bain Gommage used in a homecare programme will provide long-lasting protection leaving your scalp feeling clean, moisturised and refreshed.


Dry and unruly hair can become frizzy and difficult to manage. OLÉO-RELAX within the Kérastase Nutritive range provides a long-lasting anti-frizz effect, leaving hair feeling silky and smooth.


See hairloss


Hair Bath. This is the Kérastase term for shampoo. There are several hairbaths in each Kérastase range to suit different types of hair. Hair Baths gently bathe the hair whilst giving additional benefits such as adding strength or nourishment. The Hair Bath is the first step in the Kérastase journey of luxury.


Partial or total lack of hair. Medically known as alopecia. To help reduce the rate of hair loss, Kérastase has developped the revolutionary Aminexil® GL within the SPECIFIQUE range.


Catagen (phase)

Within the hair's growth cycle, the Catagen phase is the period of change from active growth to the resting stage in the hair follicles. It usually lasts about two to three weeks. Follows Anagen phase and precedes the Telogen phase.


Class of naturally occurring lipids, nourishing molecules, in the intercellular cement of skin and hair.

Colour Treated Hair

Colour-treated hair has special needs as it is more susceptible to external aggressors (water, UV, sun), which can cause the colour to fade. The richness of colour and shine of is dependent upon the quality of the hair fibre, thus it is important to provide extra care. Daily protection is needed to keep colour shiny and long lasting. The Kérastase REFLECTION collection has been specially developed to care for colour treated hair to maintain long-lasting radiance and optimum shine. The breakthrough technology within the range helps to restore the hair fibre to reveal mirror-like radiance, and protects coloured hair from fading. In-salon the Instant COLOUR BOOST RITUAL and Indulgent COLOUR ENHANCING RITUAL boost and enhance colour or highlighted hair providing coloured hair with radiance and shine.

Concentre Vita-ciment

A ground-breaking formula, Complex Vita-Cement is composed of ceramides and positively charged particles that enable the ceramide to work inside the hair fibre to reinforces the hair's internal strength and improve its external resistance. This powerful ingredient is found in the Strength and Seal treatment.


The core of the hair fibre, protected by the cuticle. The cortex represents, in mass and volume, about 90% of the hair.


Curly hair is often more fragile and dry than straight hair. Curls can easily lose their shape and tone, becomming rough. The Kérastase OLEO CURL range is designed specifically for curly hair. Whether curly hair is thick or fine, the Indulgent CURL DEFINING RITUAL transforms curly hair to create stunning, supple and shiny curls that are long-lasting and superbly defined.


The outermost and protective part of the hair fibre, composed by three to eight layers of cells.


See anti-dandruff.


Frequent use of heat styling tools, chemical treatments and other external aggressors can strip your hair of moisture leaving it feeling dry and unmanageable. The Kérastase NUTRITIVE range nourishes all types of dry, sensitised hair leaving it feeling light, soft, shiny and supple.


In the context of hair, density refers to the number of hairs by surface area unit on the scalp.

Dermal papilla

Group of cells at the base of the hair follicle that are important to the formation and growth of hair. These cells supply glucose for energy and amino acids to make keratin.


The lower, innermost layer of the two main layers of cells that make up the skin.


The diagnosis made by a Kérastase Ambassador will result in a customised haircare programme, comprised of in-salon treatments and a personalised homecare programme, perfectly adapted to the needs and expectations of each client.


The diagnosis made by a Kérastase Ambassador will result in a customised haircare programme, comprised of in-salon treatments and a personalised homecare programme, perfectly adapted to the needs and expectations of each client.

Dry hair

Dry hair is characterised by the lifting of the scales on the surface of the hair fibre. Dry hair tends to lack shine and appears dull. This can be caused by any number of internal or external factors. The Kérastase NUTRITIVE collection has been specially developed to care for any hair type that is dry and sensitised. The hair requires different degrees of nourishment depending on its thickness, its condition and even on the changing seasons. From regular daily-use products, to specialised intensive nourishing Rituals, the Nutritive collection offers a comprehensive range of products to chosse from.


When the hair's surface appears dull, it can mean that there is a lack of nutrition or that the hair fibres have become weak. Your Kérastase Ambassador will prescribe the appropriate programmes to restore the shine of your hair.


Ability of hair to be stretched and return to its original length when the stretching force is removed.


The upper of the two layers of the skin.


The expertise of a Kérastase Ambassador or Specialist within the salon enables him / her to diagnosis for a haircare programme tailored to each type of hair. Kérastase has developped products dedicated to professional use of this highly skilled expert.

Follicule (Hair)

Living production unit of hair, located at a depth of 4mm in the scalp.


Each Kérastase product has a signature fragrance. According to the in-salon treatment selected for you and the nature of your hair and recommended homecare programme, you will discover a world of sensorial luxury.


The technology within the Kérastase NUTRITIVE Gluco-Active family for dry, sensitised hair. Gluco-Active technology provides an energy boost for the nutrition of the hair fibre. Hair is left feeling light and revitalised.


Hair is naturally protected by a hydro-lipidic film and a smooth, shiny, supple hair cuticle. If the hair is not exposed to external aggressors, it remains strong, elastic and resilient. The hair is easy to manage and style and looks beautiful and healthy.

Hair Bulb

Bulb-shaped group of cells beneath the skin's surface from which the hair grows at the base of the follicle.

Hair Type

Refers to the nature of the hair and its condition. The Kérastase Ritual Collection of in-salon treatments and the Kérastase homecare programmes provide expert care for every hair type.


The loss of hair from the scalp affects both men and women and can be caused by stress, hormonal factors, environmental aggressors as well as hereditary patterns. The Kérastase SPECIFIQUE range offers a comprehensive programme to help reduce the rate of hair loss, to combat hair thinning and to improve hair density.

Intercellular cement

A naturally produced substance composed of proteins and lipids, which maintains the cohesion of the cells within the hair fibre.

Kérastase Ambassador

The consultation given by a Kérastase Ambassador or Specialist allows the appropriate Treatment and Homecare programme to be prescribed, which corresponds with the individual's hair needs.


Water-resistant protein, rich in sulfur, which is the essential constituent of the hair fibre and nails.


The expertise of Recherche Avancée L'Oréal puts the L'Oréal group at the cutting edge of the international health and beauty industry. The group employs over 2000 research scientists actively contributing to a boom in the cosmetics industry, whilst respecting ethical and environmental guidelines.


Fatty substances present in all living organisms, that play an important role in cell structure and energetic function.


Coloured pigment which gives colour to the skin, hair and iris of the eye. Eumelanin, the most common, ranges in colour from brown to black. Pheomelanin is coloured yellow or red and mostly seen in redheads.


The Kérastase NUTRITIVE collection is specifically designed to care for the needs of all types of dry, sensitised hair. Your Kérastase Ambassador will prescribe the programme to give your hair the right amount of nutrition without weighing down the hair.

Oily hair

Oily hair is caused by over-active sebacious glands in the scalp. Internal factors as well as external aggressors (pollution, air conditioning) can upset the natural production of sebum. Sebum is crucial for the scalp because it helps the skin to stay elastic, however in excess the scalp becomes oily leaving the hair at the root greasy.

The in-salon indulgent SCALP CLARIFYING RITUAL from Kérastase purifies and cleanses the scalp with sebum regulating actives, and leaves the scalp feeling fresh, and your hair naturally soft and silky. The Kérastase SPECIFIQUE collection has been developed to maintain a well-balanced scalp by treating specific scalp and hair concerns such as dandruff, oiliness or thinning hair. These are not abnormal scalp and hair conditions, but are an acceleration of naturally occurring processes. They are concerns which should however be addressed, as left untreated both the scalp and hair may suffer long-term damage.


Union of a substance with oxygen and, more generally a reaction in which an atom loses electrons. The reverse reaction is called reduction and always occurs in conjunction with oxidation. In everyday life, the phenomena of continuous oxidation can damage the hair fibre or deteriorate the colour.


All of the Kérastase products deliver high performance thanks to technology developed by Recherche Avancee L'Oreal Laboratories. Since 1964, Kérastase has led innovation in haircare, introducing unique formulas and products which answer the needs of the hair and scalp, while also providing an indulgent experience.


Because everyone is unique and each hair type has particular needs, Kérastase has developed a tailor-made haircare programme. From the Nutritive Bains in nutrition factors 1, 2 & 3, through to Masquintense adapted to the diameter of the hair (fine or thick), all offer efficient and personalised care.


The hair doesn't have the capcity to regenerate itself so it is essential to protect the hair with regular cosmetic care. In salon and at home, Kérastase offers protective haircare products to meet diverse needs: protection against the heat of heated styling tools, UV protection, anti-oxidants and other external aggressors.


Macromolecule composed of a combination of 4 to several thousands of amino acids, which is an essential component of cells.


To rid of impurities, cleanse. The Kérastase SPÉCIFIQUE range has been designed both In salon and at home to resolve serious scalp and hair concerns leaving the hair feeling naturally clean and beautiful.


An imbalanced or dysfunctional scalp leads to poor growth conditions for the hair. The Kérastase BIOTIC range rebalances the scalp and reactivates its natural defences, leaving the hair softer and healthier looking.


In-salon treatments from the Kérastase Ritual Collection enable complete relaxation, through precise and tailored product application, the most luxurious fragrances and expert massage techniques, all expertly administered by a Kérastase Ambassador.


Weakened hair needs repair. The Kérastase RESISTANCE range helps to strengthen the internal substance of hair weakened by external aggressions. Fortified hair regains vitality, body and strength.


The expertise of Recherche Avancée L'Oréal puts the L'Oréal group at the cutting edge of the international health and beauty industry. The group employs over 2000 research scientists, actively contributing to a boom in the costmetics industry, whilst respecting ethical and environmental guidelines.


The Kérastase Ritual Collection is a selection of in-salon treatments for the scalp and hair combined with a gesture of professional well-being. After diagnosis, a ritual is performed in-salon by a Kérastase Ambassador.


The outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, is comprised of scales. When the hair is damaged these scales can lift, exposing the inner part of the hair to further damage. A split end occurs when the cuticle has completely disintegrated, exposing the cortex.


The scalp consists of three parts: the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis. The outer part, the epidermis, should be hydrated and supple, without flaking or redness. Beautiful hair is dependent on a balanced scalp and the presence of a well balanced hydrolipidic film of sebum and sweat. The Kérastase SPECIFIQUE collection gives protection, nutrition and care to the scalp. Products in the range help to combat oiliness, dandruff and the risk of hairloss.


A natural, fatty oil made by the sebaceous glands in the hair follicle that lubricates the hair.


Hair can become sensitised and more susceptible to damage through repeated brushing, styling and chemical treatments such as colouring.

Sensitive scalp

Biotic, inspired by the world of probiotics, is the first haircare range to have a 'synbiotic-like' action. It helps prevent scalp irritations caused by external aggressions and/or stress. It rebalances and reactivates the scalp's natural defences.


See Bain.


Resting phase of the hair's life cycle during which new hair grows and old hair falls out from the scalp's surface. Usually lasts two to three months.


The natural feel of the hair's surface results from the organization of the various components of hair, conferring particular mechanical and tactile properties.


Thermo-activated products are designed to be activated with the addition of heat, which helps to increase the effects of the product by sealing the reconstructing active ingredients into the hair fibre.


Thermo-protective products penetrate into the fibre and to help protect it from the negative effects of heat.


The Kérastase VOLUMACTIVE range offers products to amplify the volume of the hair fibre. The range benefits from the Ampli-Ciment technology, which adds volume to each hair fibre, whilst at the same time reinforcing the internal strength of the hair fibre where needed.

Weakened Hair

Repeated styling, blow-drying, and exposure to external aggressors can gradually make weaken the hair fibre. Weak hair is fragile, dry and breaks easily. It needs to be strengthened from within. The Kérastase Resistance collection has been specially developed to care for hair which is naturally weak or chemically weakened, to strengthen the hair from within. Kérastase Resistance Force with Vita-Ciment® + Vita-Topseal is an exclusive formulation patented for Kérastase, which reconstructs the internal substance of the hair fibre where it is weak, whilst at the same time replicating the outer protective layer of the hair to give better protection against external aggressors.

White Hair

White hair is a result of the hair loosing its natural pigment.

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